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Advisory Services

Critical to any strategy is knowing the right questions to ask and outlining likely outcomes. For forensic accounting and litigation support, it is essential to build and identify historical data. By answering the right questions and assembling information, Debra assists clients and their attorneys in building solid strategies for litigation matters.

Debra's extensive tax and accounting experience provides valuable knowledge for clients in implementing complex business and personal decisions in areas of mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, exit strategies, estate planning, qualified plan implementation, and buy/sell agreements.

As a highly-skilled consultant, Debra works with individuals and their advisors in developing a successful plan of action.


Entity Selection
New Business Ventures
Corporate Restructuring
Executive Compensation Strategies
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Due Diligence
Succession Planning
Retirement Planning
Qualified Plan Strategies


Lifestyle Analysis
Wastage Calculations
Tracing community versus separate property
Asset division calculations
Review financial settlements to determine cash flow and tax liabilities
Tax analysis and allocation of tax between parties
Expert witness testimony
Child support analysis


Retirement planning
Business succession planning
Buy/Sell agreements
Exit strategies
Entity selection